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About The Company

Ejadah Medical Company was established in 2019 and based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We import ‎and export medical and laboratory supplies, equipment, and instruments for hospitals, clinics, and ‎laboratories.

Main Business Segments

Uniquely Broad Market Reach

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to
direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.

To be the leading provider of affordable medial and non-medical supplies and services in the country

To deliver the excellent quality and the most advanced products, and best possible customer service w ‎ ith su- perlative standards of efficiency, ethics and quality at an affordable cost

Why Choose Us ?

Although our company still new but we high ambition to be great company soon. We set high standard of
hard working to reach there. This ambitious driven by our great teamwork.

Competitive Advantages

Successful and experienced Management and employees that have developed the company ‎nfrastructure iin connection to market dynamics in Saudi Arabia.​

Developing ambitious and logic growth plan in different sectors in Healthcare.​

Fundamental awareness with Regulations where we became more familiar with compliance and ‎ b usiness conduct policies online with multi-national companies strategies. ‎

Committed to our partners, and have the strategic approach and financial stability to support long t ‎ erm investments and partnerships.‎​

Established relation with major KOL in KSA, as well the important health authorities like MOH, N ‎ ational Guard, Ministry Of Defense, and key governmental organizations.‎​

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